Set Your Day Up For Success with Routines

“The secret of your success is found in your daily routines”. -Unknown 
And I suppose it could also be the secret of your lack of success, depending on how you use your day! 
A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a 7-day Mindfulness group and I really enjoyed it! One of my focuses for the week was to start my day more intentionally. I had recently listened to The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy, on and he spoke about “book ending” your days. 

It is unlikely (uhm…especially as mothers) that you have a ton of control of what sort of craziness comes about during the day, BUT, you CAN set yourself up for success by starting and ending your day intentionally and with routines that are made up of positive behaviors and habits that help you reach your goals. When something is a routine, it simply becomes part of your life; you are able to do it without much thought or effort. 
So today, I took an extra few minutes before I crawled out of bed to read part of my book, “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne (10ish minutes), meditate (7ish minutes), and to get my head right for the day! 

Today’s “take-away”: YOU ARE ARE THE AUTHOR OF YOUR OWN LIFE STORY! Whatever you are telling yourself, positive or negative is what you will receive. Believe that you can do anything and so it will be!

I’d love to hear how you start your mornings! What would you like to change, add or take away to better serve hour day!

And check out the article linked below for some more ideas!

How To Get Better At Self-Care Using The Power Hour Method

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