Free Clean Eating Accountability Group Jan. 11th, 2016

On Thursday, I had a doc appointment in the AM that didn’t allow me to eat until after it at nearly noon.

Uhm…I’m definitely a breakfast girl. But even knowing what a breakfast person I am, I was still shocked at how one seemingly mall change (like skipping a meal) could effect my whole day.

I found myself practically bingeing once I was able to eat and my hunger was relatively insatiable the entire day.

I was craving sweets and carbs more than I have all week (since I’ve been making a concerted effort to knock that crap off this week).

I was crabby.

I was a mess.

What am I saying here? I want you to think about YOUR daily nutrition habits. What small changes could you make that could affect your overall health and happiness in a BIG way?

Are you feeling stuck or lost? Unmotivated? Join me and my team as we host this month’s 7-day FREE Clean Eating group. Get a jump start and make sure your body is functioning optimally for your best you!

Like this, comment below, email me (, whatevs…let’s do it!

We will share recipes, resources and love. We will build community, help one another answer questions and exchange ideas. Each day there will be a post by one of the Coaches hosting the group and each day you are responsible for checking in to the group, posting about your day and interacting with others! It’s fun. It’s simple. It could jump start your new life!




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